Saucio announced availability of first Web-Based Dispatch and Accounting Software...

Saucio eTrucking
Saucio eTrucking is transportation industry's first fully Web-based Dispatch and Accounting software. Saucio eTrucking is simple, affordable dispatch and accounting software solution for small to mid-size trucking companies. Your customers can now track loads and check payment history any time resulting in higher customer satisfaction. Company drivers and carriers can also check new assigned loads and payment history. Check detail list of features.

Some Benefits of Saucio eTrucking

24/7 access to software from anywhere. Allows you to password protect your data so that only authorized individual may access it. Saucio eTrucking is a role-based software.

Customer Service and Retention: A major factor in customer retention for any trucking company is customer value and satisfaction. Saucio eTrucking software not only increase transaction time and improve quality of service, but also maintain and enhance relationship with customers. Our online load tracking system allows customers to track loads and check payment history, even allows to print invoices. All the pertinant information is available to your team members. The information includes customer information, ability to check driver and equipment availability and verify load statuses in real-time. Retrieving valuable information with ease will help increase sales, productivity, and provide total customer service. In the minds of your customers your company's image will equal efficient, effective, and professional.

Easy Dispatch: The loads are divided into three categories: 1) Available Loads, 2) Dispatched Loads, and 3) Delivered Loads for easy dispatch and tracking. All the information required for dispatch is at your fingertips including directions, details about load and phone numbers of load locations.

Streamline Operations: Saucio eTrucking allows real-time information visibility and smooth flow of information between dispatch and accounting departments. It manages end-to-end transportation processes - from load entry and dispatch through accounting and settlement. This helps significantly cut costs incurred due to repetitive data entry, adminstrative errors, overtime and unneccessary paperwork.

Strengthen Company Financials: Year-to-date financial report, revenue by customer report and other detailed financial reports will put you in-charge of your business and protect you from financial pitfalls.

Simplified Billing: Saucio eTrucking remove any human errors and confusion in billing process. Our software is like adding a highly experience amont receivable employee to your staff. Our software reduces transcription errors and time and cost of invoicing, eliminates repetitive tasks, lost loads and invoices. Are you sure you are invoicing all loads. With Saucio eTrucking software you will.

Simplified payroll

Alerts for customer credit limit, insurance and license expiration and equpiment maintenance.

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